Easy Set Pool 8' x 30"Easy Set Pool 8' x 30"

Easy Set 12' x 36"Easy Set 12' x 36"

Easy Set Pool 15' x 48"Easy Set Pool 15' x 48"

Easy set Pool 10' x 30"Easy set Pool 10' x 30"

Easy Set Pool 15' x 36"Easy Set Pool 15' x 36"

Easy Set Pool 18' x 48"Easy Set Pool 18' x 48"

Easy Set Pool 12' x 30"Easy Set Pool 12' x 30"

Easy Set Pool 15' x 42"Easy Set Pool 15' x 42"

The Easy Set pools are the classics under the swimming pools. Easy Set Pools from the marketleader INTEX are most popular worldwide since decades. We offer you the Easy Set's in different sizes and Variants, with shortest build up times.

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